Is there another website where many people uploads an image to show it up from its website, & that they type?

Answer instagram

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Is there a website on the internet I can use to search for information about Eric Schmidt?

Yes, it's called Google; maybe you have heard of it.

Is there a website where I can view phone/Internet providers for my local area?

Cox Atlanta2-46 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SEAtlanta, GA 30334 (877) 836-0990

How many internet servers are there?

What is an "Internet server"? Are you looking for servers connected to the internet, or servers that provide Internet services (ie DNS, proxies, etc).The best answer would be "lots and lots".

On Dr Phil in Sept 2008 there was a professional on the show that spoke of his website where U pay a company monthly or yearly to delete online profiles or your name from the internet?