How many ways can you make a dollar with coins?

Answer You can make a dollar in coins in 293 different ways. This method includes all possible combinations of every minted coin, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins... Read More »

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How to Make a Dollar Using 30 Coins?

There are at least five ways to use 30 US coins to total $1, using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. Here are the various ways that you can achieve making one dollar using 30 coins.

How to Make Coins Fall out of a Seemingly Empty Dollar Bill?

Have you ever wanted to be a magician? If so, here's a good beginner's trick that is good to do in front of a mirror or record on the computer just to make sure that you're doing it right. Here is ... Read More »

Can you use dollar coins in stores?

According to the United States Mint, you can spend dollar coins in stores and anywhere else that accepts United States currency. A dollar coin has exactly the same spending power as a $ 1 bill.Sour... Read More »

What are dollar coins made of?

According to the United States Mint, dollar coins are made of a manganese-brass alloy. It is a mixture of 88.5 percent copper, 6 percent zinc, 3.5 percent manganese and 2 percent nickel.References:... Read More »