Ways to Cook Beef Brisket?

Answer Beef brisket comes from the chest area of the cow, near the forequarter, and is one of the tougher cuts of the animal. This boneless piece of meat can be purchased with the thick layer of fat still... Read More »

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Ways to Cook Oyster Stew?

Oysters are a popular and versatile seafood. According to the Health Mad website, they are low in fat and calories, high in protein, high in zinc, a good source of vitamin A, B, C and D and even a ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Cook Tofu?

The Chinese have been eating tofu since about 200 B.C. Although it is a staple in most Asian cuisine, American consumers often do not know how to prepare it. Cooking tofu is not difficult and its m... Read More »

Simple Ways to Cook Chicken Legs?

Chicken legs contain dark meat and are generally inexpensive, making them a good choice to create simple and satisfying meals. Since chicken legs are versatile, you can stock up on the poultry when... Read More »

The Best Ways to Cook Pheasant Breast?

Pheasant is one of the larger game birds, with a dressed weight of 2 to 3 pounds. The flesh is mild and delicate in flavor and can be used in any recipe calling for chicken. Commercially raised bir... Read More »