How many watts is a cell phone charger?

Answer More efficient cell phone chargers can use 0.03 watts or less, while less efficient chargers can use 0.5 watts or more. How much a cell phone charger uses in watts depends on the efficiency of the ... Read More »

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My Dell 1558 had 90 watts charger. Now can I use a 65 watts charger what is the impact?

Computer CPUs have become more efficient over the years. For example my early Athlon64 3200+ (2 GHz) single core desktop from 2004 used about 75 watts at the wall outlet idling at 800 MHz). My i5 6... Read More »

Will the higher the mAh in cell phone case charger for samsung s3 damage phone or help it?

maH is just capacity and wont hurt anything, as long as the voltage is correct .. if you are talking 'ma' as in current, you should keep that about the same ..

How to Use a Cell Phone Charger?

Cell phones have become an everyday device for many people. The use of a cell phone has gone beyond the ability to call. Some are fully functional mini-computers, with the ability to browse the Int... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Cell Phone Car Charger?

You can purchase several different types of cell phone chargers, including home and car chargers. A cell phone car charger utilizes energy from the vehicle to power the phone. Car chargers fit into... Read More »