How many watts is a Punch 200 amp?

Answer The Punch 200 amplifier is manufactured by Rockford Fosgate, a company specializing in automotive electronics. The total output power for this unit is 200 watts with four ohm speakers. The amplif... Read More »

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How many watts does a 15-inch HX2 Punch subwoofer use?

Fifteen-inch HX2 Punch subwoofers require 1,200 watts of power. Wattage is the measure of the amount of power needed to run an appliance.SourceWattage15-inch HX2 Punch subwoofer

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How many watts do LED TVs use?

On average, an LED television set uses about 100 watts of electricity. This is slightly lower than a standard LCD television, which uses about 111 watts, and considerably lower than a plasma televi... Read More »