How many watts is a 12-inch Kicker Comp?

Answer The Kicker Comp, part of the Kicker brand's round-subwoofer line, is equipped with Max Rec Amplifier Power. On average the Comp runs at 250 watts; at its peak power the Comp runs at 500 watts.Sourc... Read More »

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How to Install a Kicker Comp VR 12?

The Kicker Comp VR 12 subwoofer is a popular choice for car audio enthusiasts. This subwoofer is designed to create high-quality, low-toned sounds when properly installed in a car audio system. Ins... Read More »

Recommended Amps for the 12-Inch Kicker CVR?

The 12-inch Kicker CompVR (CVR) is a passive subwoofer that extends the response of a car's sound system by reproducing low frequency sounds that regular speakers are incapable of handling. Due to ... Read More »

How many watts does a 40 inch LCD TV use when it is on?

The wattage varies on every television and also varies with your settings like brightness and even volume because it takes more power to play louder. The power usage is listed in the user manual of... Read More »

How many watts does a 36-inch LCD TV use?

While in use, a 36-inch LCD TV uses approximately 140 watts. In standby mode, it uses less than one watt. The exact power consumption of an LCD TV depends on the specific brand and model.Source:Sam... Read More »