Do Plants Grow Better With 25 watts 100 watts or 200 watts beter?

Answer It depends on the type of plant.

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SONY STR DH 730 receiver outputs 85 watts or 115 watts for per channel ?

Power Ouput (8Ω, 20Hz-20kHz, THD 0.09%)85W + 85W

Should you buy kitchen appliances with low watts or high watts in UK?

That depends on the appliance and what you're trying to accomplish. Low watts mean that the appliance doesn't use much energy. Higher wattage appliances may be able to complete a task faster or op... Read More »

How many kilowatt hours are in a megawatt?

Used as a standard unit of measure by an electric company, a megawatt is equal to one thousand kilowatts or one million watts of electrical capacity produced by the companies' generators.Source:Ren... Read More »

How much area does it take for 1 megawatt solar panels?

The acreage needed for a 1 megawatt solar plant depends on where and when it was built. Saguaro, a 1 megawatt solar power plant located in Arizona, sits on 15.8 acres. However, the more modern Amer... Read More »