How many watts does your refrigerator draw?

Answer Each refrigerator manufacturer has a different wattage. Look on the back of the unit and that information will be readily available.

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How many watts is a refrigerator?

Generally speaking, a refrigerator is responsible for up to 17 percent of any single home's electricity usage. A typical refrigerator can use 200 to 700 watts while its compressor is running, but ... Read More »

How many watts does your old refrigerator use?

How many watts does a GE 25 cf refrigerator take?

Not enough information. To answer this question, you would need to provide the model number and probably the serial number as well.

How many watts is an electrolux refrigerator use?

Depends on the primarily on the size and specific features, but should also be affected by settings, ambient temperature/how often it is opened (how hard it is going to have to work, age and mainte... Read More »