How many watts does a typical refrigerator use?

Answer 500 - 1000 watts

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How many watts does a typical smartphone need to operate?

How many watts does a typical electric range oven element use?

Answer1kw or 1000 watts is normalThe above figure is not typical. An average two slice toaster will use 1000 watts. An electric oven, at least in North America, will usually be closer to 4000 watts... Read More »

How much energy (watts) does a typical "nothing special" computer use per hour?

Desktop PCs don't use much electricity at all, even high end builds are set to lower power consumption when it is not needed. So if you are just using MS Word then there is no need for 2.5Ghz over ... Read More »

How many watts is a refrigerator?

Generally speaking, a refrigerator is responsible for up to 17 percent of any single home's electricity usage. A typical refrigerator can use 200 to 700 watts while its compressor is running, but ... Read More »