How many watts does a heating pad use?

Answer On average, heating pads use 65 watts on the highest setting. The wattage used by a heating pad depends on its size, voltage and heat Base... Read More »

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You purchased a electric heating stove and you are trying to figure the amount of electric it would use It is 750 watts or 1500 watts 120V 60 Hz?

Watts are a unit of power, so you know how much power the unit will draw when it is "on." More details on that later.First, you are billed for electricity in kilowatt-hours (KWH). (Look at your lat... Read More »

How Many Watts Does the Average TV Use?

The average 25-inch or 27-inch TV uses about 90 watts, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). This is roughly the same amount of electricity that the standard incandescent l... Read More »

How many watts does a treadmill use?

The motors on treadmills for home use typically produce 1.25 to 3 horsepower. One horsepower equals approximately 750 watts, so these motors will consume between 938 and 2,250 watts while operating... Read More »

How many watts does a gas stove use?

It still needs a few watts for the clock/timer to run. There has to be electrical power to the gas thermocouple and/or the igniter for the oven to run at all. The electronic ignition (pilotless) fo... Read More »