How many watts does a dyson vacuum use?

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Does a dyson vacuum brush fit a eureka vacuum pipe?

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Is dyson the best vacuum?

On One Hand: Great ReviewsDyson was reported as the maker of the best upright vacuum cleaner by Consumer Reports. Amazon also finds that Dyson upright vacuum cleaners get the most positive reviews.... Read More »

How do I use the Dyson vacuum wand?

Using the WandPull the head of the wand out of its housing on the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Extend the telescoping wand by pulling on the head until it is the appropriate length you need. Turn the vacu... Read More »

What year did the dyson vacuum come out?

Uh, you might of vacuumed them up while you were vacuuming...they mighta fallen off the table and then you vacuumed them up. Hope I helped....