How many watts does a camera draw?

Answer Camera wattage is measured in milliamperes or mas. Camera wattage varies as the modes of the camera changes. During flash function a hand held camera's wattage may climb to 1635 mas. Capture mode w... Read More »

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How many watts does your refrigerator draw?

Each refrigerator manufacturer has a different wattage. Look on the back of the unit and that information will be readily available.

Do Plants Grow Better With 25 watts 100 watts or 200 watts beter?

How many watts of power does an electric clothes dryer draw from a 18 A from a 240 volt outlet?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts. However, just because your 240 volt outlet is rated at 18 amps does not mean that is what your appliance will draw. If the appl... Read More »

How many watts are in a Moultrie camera solar panel?

Moultrie does not disclose the wattage of its camera panels. The panels, however, are connected to a 12-volt rechargeable battery. A review of other 12-volt solar battery chargers reveals a range f... Read More »