How many watts does a battery charger use?

Answer Battery chargers consume various amounts of energy depending on the type of charger. According to a report by, a basic cordless tool charger uses 7 watts of AC power. Battery ... Read More »

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My Dell 1558 had 90 watts charger. Now can I use a 65 watts charger what is the impact?

Computer CPUs have become more efficient over the years. For example my early Athlon64 3200+ (2 GHz) single core desktop from 2004 used about 75 watts at the wall outlet idling at 800 MHz). My i5 6... Read More »

How many watts is a cell phone charger?

More efficient cell phone chargers can use 0.03 watts or less, while less efficient chargers can use 0.5 watts or more. How much a cell phone charger uses in watts depends on the efficiency of the ... Read More »

How many watts are in a car battery?

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How does a battery charger work?

A battery charger is an electrical appliance which produces direct current at a voltage high enough to safely fill up a rechargeable battery with new electric charge.OK, what does that mean?To be a... Read More »