How many watts does a GE 25 cf refrigerator take?

Answer Not enough information. To answer this question, you would need to provide the model number and probably the serial number as well.

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How many watts is a refrigerator?

Generally speaking, a refrigerator is responsible for up to 17 percent of any single home's electricity usage. A typical refrigerator can use 200 to 700 watts while its compressor is running, but ... Read More »

How many watts does your old refrigerator use?

How many watts does a mini refrigerator use?

The average wattage for a mini refrigerator is 145 W. Some makes or models use less, at 120 Q&A

How many watts is an electrolux refrigerator use?

Depends on the primarily on the size and specific features, but should also be affected by settings, ambient temperature/how often it is opened (how hard it is going to have to work, age and mainte... Read More »