How many watts does a Dell computer use?

Answer Dell computers consume an average 89 watts when idle. Desktops use 65 to 120 watts; laptops, 15 to 45. The manufacturer typically reports the maximum wattage on the ... Read More »

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How many watts are required to run a laptop computer?

On average, a laptop uses approximately 45 watts of electricity, which is equal to just over 100-kilowatt hours of electricity consumption per year. Performance of individual laptops will vary base... Read More »

My Dell 1558 had 90 watts charger. Now can I use a 65 watts charger what is the impact?

Computer CPUs have become more efficient over the years. For example my early Athlon64 3200+ (2 GHz) single core desktop from 2004 used about 75 watts at the wall outlet idling at 800 MHz). My i5 6... Read More »

How many watts does a gas stove use?

It still needs a few watts for the clock/timer to run. There has to be electrical power to the gas thermocouple and/or the igniter for the oven to run at all. The electronic ignition (pilotless) fo... Read More »

How many watts does direct tv use?