Can you have 2 heaters with different watts give the same BTu's example of heaters-both 13650BTu 1240 volt radiator with settings for 600 900 1500 watts or a 24000watt 240 volt fan forced electic?

Answer no you can not it would ruin your system for good. You have to get a heaters with the same watts

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How many watts are in 320 volt dishwasher?

How many watts are in 115 volt fridge?

The number of watts measures the power, and Ohm's laws requires us to know the current as well as the voltage to determine the power. P = i x e For example, if the fridge draws 10 amps at 115 vol... Read More »

How many watts make one volt?

In order to convert watts to volts, the number of amps is also needed. To obtain the number of watts, multiply the number of amps by the number of volts. Similarly, to obtain the number of volts, d... Read More »

How many watts of power does an electric clothes dryer draw from a 18 A from a 240 volt outlet?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts. However, just because your 240 volt outlet is rated at 18 amps does not mean that is what your appliance will draw. If the appl... Read More »