How many warnings does Facebook give till they ban your account?

Answer Ten, no fifteen. Go for it.

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If i send Messages to my facebook contacts are they gonna show on my facebook account?

No it's not gonna show up in your Timeline

Do you know in how many months does Facebook account...?

you can deactivate as long as you want facebook only deletes your account if you request them to do so

If I open a Facebook account, will I give in to sin?

Oh for Pete's sake, you're too young for facebook, and your balls haven't even dropped yet!

Give me three good reasons why I should have a Facebook account?

1. It's gimmicky, 2. it's boring, 3. It's a useless waste of time. Not unlike most of Answers. My friends and kids kept nagging me to be in it so I did, and it's just stupid.Facebook is crap crap ... Read More »