How many volts does it take to power a dishwasher?

Answer Most RESIDENTIAL dishwashers sold in the United are 120 VAC.

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How many volts does a dishwasher have?

How many volts do you need to power a iphone 4?

How many amps of power does 24 volts equal?

The amps that 24 volts equal would be the circuit's wattage divided by 24. The Ohms Law states that: Watt = Amps x Volts, and from this equation we can derive the relationship: Amps = Watt / Volts.... Read More »

How many volts is a power adapter for HP A440?

The HP Photosmart A440 Printer Dock is a photo-printing and docking station. The HP Photosmart A440 device uses a power adapter that delivers 120 Vac (±10%) 60 Hz (±3 Hz) of power.References:HP:... Read More »