How many volts does a lawn mower battery have?

Answer Nearly all riding lawn mower batteries have 12-volt batteries. A few varieties are 6 volt. The owner's manual will have this information or it may be marked on the lawnmower's body shell.Source:Law... Read More »

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How many decibels does a lawn mower produce?

The amount of decibels a lawn mower makes depends on whether the lawn mower is gas or electric. A gas lawn mower makes about 95 decibels, which is as much as a motorcycle. An electric lawn mower ma... Read More »

How many gardeners have the same goal I do, to replace my lawn with gardens and get rid of the mower?

I've replaced a dozen lawns in the San Francisco Bay Area, a lot of my clients are moving in this direction. If you have kids that use the yard, a lawn is great, but for too many people it's just ... Read More »

Can you charge a lawn mower with a car battery?

A lawnmower can be recharged using a car battery, although it's not recommended because it may damage the mower's electrical system. The proper recharging technique is done with a 12-volt battery ... Read More »

What voltage is a lawn mower battery?

Lawnmower batteries can have one of two different voltages. Some lawn mowers may carry a 6-volt battery, while other lawnmowers that come with a higher horsepower actually have 12-volt batteries... Read More »