How many volt amps are required to run a refrigerator?

Answer For a 120 volt (V), 60 Hz system: 120 times about 7.5 amps (A) = 900 volt-amps (VA)

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How many amps to run a 115 volt compact refrigerator?

How many amps are in a 9-volt battery?

Technical Library reports that a new alkaline 9-volt battery has a capacity of 500 milliamp (0.5 amp) hours, with a typical expected drain of 15 milliamps (0.015 amps) per hour. Non-alkaline batter... Read More »

How to Measure 12 Volt Amps?

The ampere (amp) is the standard unit of measure for electrical current. A standard 12-volt car battery may produce 600 amps or more, especially those designed for extremely cold weather. An ammete... Read More »

How many amps are in a 12-volt car battery?

Amperes, or amps, are a measure of electric current. A battery can provide low-amp current over a long period or a high-amp charge over a short time. A 12-volt car battery typically delivers about ... Read More »