How many virgins have given birth?

Answer One. Her name was Mary. Her son's name was Jesus Christ.

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Ever feel as though you might have given birth to a?

LOL!My daughter is all of the above as well as:Turtle- lies on her back and gets stuckPossum- plays dead when she thinks she is in troubleCat- slobbers on her hand and wipes it all over her faceDog... Read More »

Have you given birth under strange circumstance if so I'd like to hear?

they were both in the hospital, but with the second only just, that one was strange, one minute I'm saying "I think I might be going in to labour, I'm not sure though" the next she's nearly bloody ... Read More »

My Girlfriend & I are 16 we are both virgins we have never used needles, & our mothers don't have HIV, do we?

No. Not unless you've had contact with someone's blood that is infected with HIV. So... just go ahead and do it!

How many of you have ever given blood?