Can fusing of the lower spine be slowed or even stopped by moving it and arching the spine regularly?

Answer Yes. Physical therapy followed by copious quantities of medication for pain management.Copious.

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Compression fracture : Vertebrae?

If the issue is due to malignancy, there are too many factors to predict the future. Steroids, which are typical in cancer treatment, are famous for slowing bone regeneration.I'm afraid that most l... Read More »

How many bones are in the human vertebrae?

The human vertebral column (backbone) consists of 33 separate bones (vertebrae). The vertebrae are divided into four regions, which include the cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar verteb... Read More »

How big are baby whale vertebrae?

The vertebrae of a young whale at birth can easily be the size of an adult hand and can grow to a foot or more in adulthood. Due to the tremendous size variation in whale types, along with rapidity... Read More »

How many vertebrae are in a turkey neck?

According to the North American Game Series, small species of turkeys with short necks have 15 or fewer neck vertebrae, while large species of turkeys with long necks have 20 or more neck vertebrae... Read More »