How many bones are in the human vertebrae?

Answer The human vertebral column (backbone) consists of 33 separate bones (vertebrae). The vertebrae are divided into four regions, which include the cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar verteb... Read More »

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How many vertebrae does a giraffe have in its neck?

Because they are known for long necks, many people assume that giraffes have more vertebrae than humans. The truth is that giraffes have just seven vertebrae in their necks, just like people. The d... Read More »

How many neck vertebrae does a giraffe have?

A giraffe has seven neck vertebrae, the same amount of vertebrae that a human has. However in a giraffe, each vertebrae is about 10 inches long. This makes the giraffe very tall, the tallest animal... Read More »

How many senses does a human have?

Humans have five senses, each of which corresponds to a specific organ. We use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our nose to smell, our tongue to taste and our skin to sense touch.References:Natio... Read More »

Mega Pixels - How many does the human eye have?

As far as I know, we dont see in pixels. A tv or digital picture is in pixels. A pixel is a block of color. A bunch of blocks of colors are positioned to form a picture. This is done so the picture... Read More »