How many vehicles did Suzuki Motorcycles sell in 2007?

Answer Suzuki Motorcycles sold 3,344,000 vehicles worldwide in the 2007 fiscal year, according to Suzuki's 2008 annual report. Suzuki's motorcycle division sold 166,000 vehicles in Japan and 3,178,000 in... Read More »

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Where are suzuki motorcycles made?

Suzuki's line of motorcycles are produced primarily in Toyokawa, Japan. Suzuki also maintains a facility in Rome, Georgia for the production of its ATV lineup, as well as facilities in China and In... Read More »

I would like to know if any of you know any motorcycle dealerships that sell motorcycles from $3,000 in NJ?

Even if you find a 1300 bike no one on the planet is gonna insure you so go look for a 125cc learner bike..

How many motorcycles did Harley-Davidson sell by 1933?

According to Motorcycle Classics, the Great Depression caused Harley-Davidson's sales to plummet to a record low of just 3,703 motorcycles sold in 1933. This was an enormous drop from 1930, when th... Read More »

How many motorcycles did Harley-Davidson sell in 1933?

In 1933, Harley-Davidson sold a mere 4,000 bikes. While the great depression gave the country's first motorcycle maker a moment of pause, it also spurred them on. By 1936, several new models were i... Read More »