How many vegetarians/vegans to do you know who own leather shoes and or clothing?

Answer I only wear human skin boots and have several human hair hats

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How do you soften the leather in stiff leather shoes?

originally, leather used to be dipped in urine to soften it and the smell never quite went away...

How do I clean and repair leather clothing?

Leather offers the advantage of being a rugged material. It is difficult to make, but not so difficult to maintain when compared to clothing like silk, for instance. There are a wide variety of lea... Read More »

How much cow leather is used for shoes?

The amount of cow hide used to make shoes varies widely by shoe type. The average cow hide can make 18 pairs of traditional leather slip-on shoes, according to Beyond Skin.Source:Beyond Skin: Vegan... Read More »

Can you paint leather shoes?

Yes, leather shoes can be painted. However, leather is more difficult to paint than other materials such as canvas. Before painting leather shoes, clean them thoroughly and then strip off as much w... Read More »