How many vegan and vegetarians dislike PETA?

Answer They are a great example of what is wrong with the world. Their extremest tactics and "undercover expos" are a joke. I get sick and tired of the BS they spew. They are hate mongers and all hate mon... Read More »

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POLL: How many of you vegans/vegetarians support Peta?

Are you a vegetarian/vegan and anti-PeTA?

I completely understand what you mean. I am for both of the organizations. While ALF is doing a lot of drastic things in order to help animals Peta is doing that too (just in a legal way) I think ... Read More »

If vegan/vegetarian diets were so healthy, why do so many vegans/vegetarians suffer from...?

The vegetarian diet is not healthy....if it was, 75% of vegetarians wouldn't eventually add some meat back into their diet...and, according to a CBS news poll, they do exactly that...mostly because... Read More »

Diehard vegetarians or PETA members, would you be able to help me justify my use of a meat is murder stamp?

First, asking PETA to help you justify "meat is murder" is like a Muslim fanatic asking Al Qaeda to help justify bombing a building. It's their agenda and you are not likely to get un unbiased opi... Read More »