How many vaccines do children get?

Answer 21 vaccines before the age of six, and generally 6 more before the age of 18, for a total of 27 in childhood. Some vaccines are given multiple times (for example, the DTaP - diptheria, tetanus, and... Read More »

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Why won't doctors admit that vaccines are harming our children?

"hasse_john" is right about most doctors having a religious devotion to vaccines. They have blind faith in them and will not subject them to scrutiny."Know the Cure," your numbers are way off. It... Read More »

VACCINES : Would you trust the FDA when they allow this in our flu vaccines?

Stop being dishonest, the US flu vaccines do NOT contain the adjuvant squalene. But perhaps they should? There is very good evidence to show that adjuvants actually make vaccines safer, but I'll ge... Read More »

How many vaccines are available in the world?

There are about 760, many of which are only available in certain western countries.

How many different types of vaccines are there?

attenuated chole agent vaccine, inactivated whole-agent vaccine, toxiod vaccine, acellular vanccine, conjugated vaccine, and subunit vaccine