How many users can share a t1 line?

Answer Although it's better to have fewer than 25 users on a T1 line, a T1 line can support several hundred users, if they all aren't using the Internet at the same time. These lines are expensive and rec... Read More »

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How to Share Music With Different Users?

It is possible to share music with other users in Windows by using copy and paste. This isn't ideal, however, if you have limited space on the drive. Music files usually take up 3 to 5 MB of space,... Read More »

How do I not share files with other users on my PC?

Step 1.) “ Left click” on the {internet connections Icon } on taskbar. Step 2.) “ Right click “ on the “ connection ” you are using “CHOOSE “ (Properties) from the ... Read More »

How to Share Documents Between Users in Vista?

Windows Vista allows you to share files and folders between users, both on the same computer and across a network. To share documents between different users, you must set up sharing permissions or... Read More »

Can you share one line from a song or movie containing the word LOVE?

i love the way you love me...John Michael MontgomeryI will always love you...Dolly Partoni can love you like that...John Michael MontgomeryLove is a battle field...Pat Benatarif tommarrow never com... Read More »