How many users can be on Rosetta Stone software?

Answer An unlimited number of users may utilize the Rosetta Stone software. However, you may only install the software on the number of computers for which you have licenses (special multi-station license... Read More »

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Does Rosetta Stone software work?

On One Hand: It Is EffectiveAccording to Learning Language Advisor, the Rosetta Stone software is effective at teaching the user a new language. The user learns the new language in a similar fashio... Read More »

How many CDs are in Rosetta Stone German?

The German version of Rosetta Stone language software is available in four different packages. Each level is comprised of one CD. Order one CD at a time or one of three sets. The sets include level... Read More »

How many versions of Rosetta Stone are there?

There are 31 different language versions of the Rosetta Stone software as of February 2011. You can learn languages like Greek, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and more. Rosetta Stone te... Read More »

Where is the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is housed in the British Museum in London, where it has been since 1802. In 1917 it was briefly moved due to concerns about bombing during the First World War, but it was return... Read More »