How many units can be rented in a condo association?

Answer Your answer depends on several variables, including your governing documents and any amendments or By-laws that address rentals. If they are silent, please consider: One key issue with rentals in ... Read More »

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What do I do when I have no HO insurance for my condo and my condo association and builders claim that my fridge caused substantial water damage in the unit directly below mine not sold and not rented?

You are responsible for any damage caused to someone else's property, why did they let you move in the condo without proper insurance is beyond me, whether the unit below you is rented or not is of... Read More »

Is a handicap parking stall required under Hawaii law for a condo association with approximately 65 units with a remote controlled gated entry making this a private association?

Whether or not such parking is required is not so much the issue as is the association's ability to make one available when required to do so. Your answer lies in a combination of Hawaii condomini... Read More »

What is the maximum allowable ownership of units in a condo association?

Read your governing documents to determine if there are any limits stated there for either owner/residents or investors. Otherwise, recently, Fannie Mae, et al, have determined that no investor may... Read More »

What is the maximum amount that a condo association or homeowner's association can recover via Florida's super lien statute and does it vary between HOAs and condo associations?

You have asked a complex and interesting question. It is difficult to find much information on "Super Liens" in Florida. The following is general information only and should not be construed as leg... Read More »