How many types of visa credit cards are there?

Answer Virtually every bank offers a multitude of Visa credit cards. Your options are in the thousands. Visa does not issue credit cards directly--banks decide on terms and conditions, fees and interest r... Read More »

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Why are there many different types of memory cards available?

people have more buying power than others. Why are there so many different cars on the market?Why are there so many cuts of meat at the grocery?You get the idea......Things are offered to the buyin... Read More »

Who makes the credit cards for visa?

Visa credit cards are made by Oberthur Card Systems of America. Oberthur also supplies Mastercard credit cards, and is a world leader in manufacturing and personalization of conventional and conta... Read More »

Can prepaid Visa credit cards be used on the Internet?

On One Hand: The AdvantagesPer Netspend, an advantage of prepaid Visa credit cards is that they can be used to make purchases online because your online purchases will be safely segregated from you... Read More »

Can one use Barclays Visa debit/credit cards in Switzerland?

If its an ordinary Visa card you wont have any problems. Shops as well as ATMs accept Visa cards so you can pay for your shopping or use it for cash withdrawal.