How many types of toilets are there?

Answer Toilets provide users with a sanitary way to dispose of waste, and this makes them incredibly important. There are eight different basic shapes and varieties of toilets that possess different advan... Read More »

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How many types of androids are there?

I think 2 that are called androids but all together including androids and droids I think there are 4

How many types of Pediatricans are there?


How many types of flowers are there?

There is an estimation from 240,000 to 400,000 different kinds of flowering plants. there are lots and lots about 500,000 diffrent types. GOSH WHAT A LOT HUH?

How Many Types of Wasps Are There?

Wasps are insects, part of the Order Hymenoptera, which also includes ants and bees. Wasps can differ in size, body structure and diet, among other features. They go through several stages of devel... Read More »