How many types of toilets are there?

Answer Toilets provide users with a sanitary way to dispose of waste, and this makes them incredibly important. There are eight different basic shapes and varieties of toilets that possess different advan... Read More »

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How do I use lye in toilets?

Plunging the ToiletUnclog the bulk of your toilet drain by plunging the toilet vigourously. Use a force ball-type plunger if possible instead of a cup-style plunger; the ball type looks rounded ins... Read More »

How to Vent RV Toilets?

If the toilet on your RV bubbles or backs up, or if odors seem to get trapped inside, it may need to be vented (cleared) just like the toilet at your home. A toilet vent is a pipe which allows air ... Read More »

How to Change Out Toilets?

Changing out a toilet is a task that many homeowners can accomplish. Because the majority of toilets have a separate tank that mounts onto the bowl, the job of lifting the toilet is made easier. Yo... Read More »

Why Toilets Overflow?

If and when you encounter your toilet overflowing, you can never just ignore it. Simply mopping up the overflowed water won't erase the reason the toilet overflowed in the first place. You need to ... Read More »