Types of Plant-Eating Insects?

Answer Different types of insects eat different types of food. Some insects eat other insects, some feed on blood (such as the tick or common mosquito), some eat nectar from plants and some insects (like ... Read More »

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Types of Water Bugs & Insects?

Many species of water bugs and aquatic insects enjoy a worldwide distribution, existing anywhere conditions can support them. These bugs have certain adaptations that allow them to live in rivers, ... Read More »

Types of Flowers That Can Be Pollinated by Insects?

Angiosperms are a diverse and populous group of plants that reproduce sexually by inflorescing--growing flowers that contain eggs and fertile pollen that must be brought together to form seeds. Ang... Read More »

What Types of Bugs or Insects Eat Flowers?

Some insects that prey on flowers prefer hot, dry conditions, while others like cold, wet conditions. But all are scavengers by nature and are attracted to unhealthy plant material, such as disease... Read More »

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