How many tunes will the ipod nano hold?

Answer An iPod Nano is a portable media player that is designed, marketed and trademarked by Apple. The iPod Nano is available in both an 8GB (approximately 2000 songs) and a 16GB (approximately 4000 song... Read More »

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I have a friend that has another ipod nano that is a 2 gig like mine but he can hold about 500 songs while i can only hold about 170?

Often times songs do not take up the same amount of space. If you have 170 songs that all clock in to about 10,000 kb, you might fill up. If someone else has 1,000 songs at 1000 kb each, then you t... Read More »

How much music does an iPod Nano hold?

The iPod Nano comes in two versions, an 8-gigabyte and a 16-gigabyte. According to Apple, the 8 GB iPod Nano will hold about 2,000 songs. The 16 GB version of the Nano will hold about 4,000 songs.... Read More »

How many songs can a gb iPod nano hold?

Apple introduced the 1 GB iPod nano in February 2006. The 1 GB iPod nano holds about 240 songs. The song capacity of an iPod nano can vary depending on the songs' length, file size and format. Usin... Read More »

How many videos can the 'ipod nano' hold?