How many troy ounces are in a ton?

Answer One metric ton is approximately equal to 32,150 troy ounces. A British long ton is approximately equal to 32,666 troy ounces; a U.S. short ton is approximately equal to 29,166 troy ounces.Reference... Read More »

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Are troy ounces&regular ounces the same?

Troy ounces are larger than the "regular" ounces used in the U.S. The U.S. uses avoirdupois ounces--normally referred to as just ounces--to weigh most objects. Troy ounces are used to weigh preciou... Read More »

How many ounces is a troy pound?

The troy system of measurements has largely fallen into disuse with the exception of precious metals, which are still priced and traded in troy ounces. There are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound. The... Read More »

How many troy ounces in a tonne?

A tonne, or metric ton, is defined as 1,000 kilograms and is equal to 32,150.75 troy ounces. The troy ounce has largely fallen into disuse, though precious metals such as gold and silver are still ... Read More »

How many ounces are in one troy pound?

Not to be confused with the avoirdupois ounce and pound generally referred to in the United States and United Kingdom, the troy ounce and pound are based on a different measurement system that, as ... Read More »