How many trees are used to make a ream of paper?

Answer The number of trees used to make a ream of paper varies by the type of paper being made, the paper making process and the type of tree being used. On average, one ream (500 sheets) of copy paper us... Read More »

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How many trees are used to make one ream of paper?

One tree makes about 17 reams of paper, or about 8,333 sheets of paper. One ream of paper uses about 6 percent of one tree. Copy paper is generally made from wood pulp.Source:North Carolina State U... Read More »

How many sheets of paper are contained in a ream?

A ream is a unit used for measuring quantities of paper. Today a ream contains 500 sheets of paper. Traditionally, a ream was equal to 480 sheets, a quantity that is now known as a short ream.Sourc... Read More »

Which Trees Are Used to Make Paper?

According to the National Forest Service website, as much as 85 percent of the trees used in the making of paper and paper products are coniferous. Hardwoods such as maples and oaks comprise the re... Read More »

How many trees does it take to make a Sunday paper?

Estimates vary, but it takes approximately 12 mature trees to make one ton of newsprint. That's about 2,700 average-sized newspapers per tree. According to Conservatree, 12 trees are saved for ever... Read More »