How many bullys are there in the on earth?

Answer who knows that answer, i mean probably half the planet

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How many manatees are there on Earth?

The West Indian Manatee is most populous near Florida, where recent surveys have seen approximately 5,100 manatees in January 2010. Outside of Florida, however, little is known about the manatee po... Read More »

How many lines of latitude are there on earth?

Lines of latitude run parallel to the equator, and the term's use is usually restricted to whole degrees. The equator is 0 degrees latitude and the poles are 90 degrees latitude. Therefore, there a... Read More »

How many plant species are there on Earth?

As of 2007, there are 297,326 known plant species in the world. Scientists speculate that, between plants and animals, anywhere from 5 to 100 million species inhabit the Earth, but only a small nu... Read More »

How many latitude lines are there on earth?

There are 90 degrees of latitude on either side of the equator, and the equator itself is considered a degree of latitude, for a total of 181. Since coordinates can be given in decimals, however, t... Read More »