In what year did artificial trees begin outselling real trees?

Answer Although more homes may boast an artificial tree, artificial trees do not outsell real trees. In 2008, according to National Christmas Tree Association, approximately 30 million real trees were sol... Read More »

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How many trees are cut down each year?

According to a 2005 report by the Rainforest Action Network, foresters around the world cut between 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year eliminating about 60,000 square kilometers a year.Source:Ra... Read More »

How many trees in the Amazon get cut down per year?

There is no exact count on the total number of trees lost every year to deforestation of the Amazon rain forest. That being said, approximately 2,705 square miles are lost each year to deforestatio... Read More »

Do oak trees produce acorns every year?

Not all oak trees annually generate acorns. Acorn production requires tremendous amounts of energy; genetically strong specimens remain more likely to yield successive crops, but most oaks require... Read More »

What time of year should trees be trimmed?

Pruning trees properly produces stronger, healthier, and more attractive trees. Knowing when to prune will protect the plant from damage and promote these positive qualities, while pruning improper... Read More »