How many treatments are needed for colonic hydrotherapy?

Answer On One Hand: Colonic Hydrotherapy Has Some UsesColonic hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation, high colonic, colon cleanse) is a procedure in which large quantities of liquids are pumped through a tube i... Read More »

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Can you lose weight by colonic hydrotherapy?

On One Hand: Weight Loss Is PossibleColonic hydrotherapy involves introducing 25 to 35 gallons of water into the colon over an extended length of time. As the water moves through the colon, it loos... Read More »

Look honestly. What sort of a bent sadsack goes for regular colonic irrigation treatments?

You spelled "Hollywood California", "FOX executives" and "Fecal fortitude" right!

How do I calculate the fabric needed for window treatments?

Determine Length and WidthMeasure your window to determine its length and width. Decide if you want long or short curtains or a valance. Measure for the length of your curtain by starting at the ro... Read More »

How Many Treatments Are Needed For Laser Hair Removal?

If you've decided to get rid of pesky body hair using laser hair removal, a common concern is how many treatment sessions it will take. Laser hair removal involves both a time commitment and consid... Read More »