How many 99-yard touchdowns have there been in NFL history?

Answer Through the end of the 2009-10 season, there have been 11, 99-yard touchdown plays in the history of the NFL. There have been several touchdown plays longer than 99 yards that were the result of in... Read More »

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How many touchdowns did Franco Harris run for his rookie year?

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris rushed for 10 touchdowns during his rookie year of 1972. He also caught one pass for a touchdown that year. Harris ended up scoring 100 touchdowns (91... Read More »

How to Show off Tim Tebow Spirit?

Tebow time! Tim Tebow had his moment, now it's your moment! It's always time to show off your Tim Tebow Spirit!

How Many Offspring Does a Gray Bat Have and How Often Do They Have Them?

The gray bat, or Myotis grisescens, is an endangered species that lives in areas throughout 12 states, including Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana and Florida. They weigh only 0.4 to ... Read More »