Do the new orleans saints have the best quarterback in the leauge with drew brees?

Answer He has the best numbers of any QB in history over the past five years. He owns most of the records. He is the most accurate QB in history, and he is on one of the best teams.... so yea. If anyone ... Read More »

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What part of the studio did Ellen degeneres name in honor of Drew Brees and his wife?

How many touchdowns did Franco Harris run for his rookie year?

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris rushed for 10 touchdowns during his rookie year of 1972. He also caught one pass for a touchdown that year. Harris ended up scoring 100 touchdowns (91... Read More »

How many 99-yard touchdowns have there been in NFL history?

Through the end of the 2009-10 season, there have been 11, 99-yard touchdown plays in the history of the NFL. There have been several touchdown plays longer than 99 yards that were the result of in... Read More »

How many siblings did Charles Richard Drew have?

Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) developed the modern blood bank, first utilizing his method of storing blood plasma on World War II battlefields. He also founded the American Red Cross Blood Bank.... Read More »