How many total US Marines?

Answer The marines try to total out at 210,000 but i believe the number of marines enlisted today is much higher, although i dont know the exact numberAs of now, the enlistment for the marines have gotten... Read More »

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How many total US military are currently at war?

Not publicly. As a military member, you are sworn honor your commander-in-chief.

How many total US army are there?

How many total members are in the U.S. Congress?

There are 535 members of the U.S. Congress. indicates that there are 435 members in the House of Representatives and 100 senators. The House elects the speaker to preside over them.... Read More »

Hom many people total in air force?

The united states air force protects the sky of the u.s.a. And also perform plays and performenses like the F-16 THUNDER BIRDS.And the air show.