How many toes does a tyrannosaurus have on each of its front feet?

Answer Tyrannosaurus rex was a bipedal carnivore. The dinosaur walked on its two back legs, which each had three toes per foot. Its front legs had two toes on each foot.References:Planet Din... Read More »

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How many babies does a butterfly fish have?

With more than 100 species of butterflyfish (family Chaetondontidae), the exact number of babies (larvae) produced by a single female varies. Typically, a female butterflyfish lays several thousand... Read More »

How many toes do dogs have on their back paws?

Dogs have five toes on their back paws, just as they do on their front paws. The dewclaw, which is a vestigial or non-functional toe, is located higher up. Sometimes it is surgically removed.Source... Read More »

Does Oprah Winfrey have 6 toes on her left foot?

How many atria do fish have?

Fish have a two-chambered heart comprising one atrium and one ventricle. Blood is pumped through the atrium to the ventricles and then out to the gills where oxygen is picked up and carbon dioxide ... Read More »