How many toes do dogs have on their back paws?

Answer Dogs have five toes on their back paws, just as they do on their front paws. The dewclaw, which is a vestigial or non-functional toe, is located higher up. Sometimes it is surgically removed.Source... Read More »

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How many toes does a tyrannosaurus have on each of its front feet?

Tyrannosaurus rex was a bipedal carnivore. The dinosaur walked on its two back legs, which each had three toes per foot. Its front legs had two toes on each foot.References:Planet Din... Read More »

Do all monkeys have aids?

Not all monkeys have AIDS. Only monkeys that are infected with HIV or SIV (the Simeon equivalent of HIV) may develop AIDS. In fact, scientists are trying to understand why some monkey species--such... Read More »

I have 8 toes one foot... Do you?

hi hunter am sorry i dont have 8 toes on either foot,i have five on each,but i think its kool that u have, hope this helps

Does BBC News 24 have monkeys typing the ticker machine?

I'm not clear whether Branson actually said 'steer' or whether this was made up by the 12 year old muppets who now edit News 24. He didn't say it on the interview I saw on the ITN evening news, bu... Read More »