How many tires are produced each year?

Answer According to statistics published by the Rubber Manufacturers of America, manufacturers shipped 259.7 million tires in the U.S. in 2009. Tire sales for 2010 are expected to increase by about 3 per... Read More »

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How many clogs are produced in holland each year?

Approximately 3 million clogs are produced in Holland every year. These traditional Dutch wooden shoes are primarily produced for tourists. Very few modern Dutch citizens--outside of farmers, garde... Read More »

How many Escalades are being produced each year?

General Motors produced 25,884 Cadillac Escalades in 2009, and it produced 39,710 Cadillac Escalades in 2008. These totals include the Escalade, the Escalade ESV and the Escalade EXT models. The Ca... Read More »

How many tires are made each year?

The amount of tires that are produced each year is well into to the billions. North America alone get more than 250 million tires each year that are scrapped. There are more then 3 billion scrapped... Read More »

How many tires are sold each year?

Globally, the auto industry and its consumers use about 1.3 billion tires each year. Mechanics in the United States install 17.5 million of those tires annually. One billion discarded tires end up ... Read More »