How many times you use 'google' a day?

Answer Just like 20-40 times.

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About how many times a day do you visit google?

Quite often, actually.Most times I use it when I'm answering a question that requires exact details. Its a necessity. Four or five times an hour, figure.

What mph does Google Maps use to calculate times?

Google Maps doesn't use a set miles-per-hour gauge when calculating driving times—it uses the speed limits of the roads themselves. The speed limits come from public records and road signs, which... Read More »

If you Google 26 times, A tree dies?

I always stop at 25. That way only a sapling dies.

How many times can someone click on Google AdSense?

On One Hand: As Much As You WantAn individual can click on any AdSense from any site as much as he likes. If you are interested in Google AdSense advertisements shown on a site, click on the ones y... Read More »