How many times will a mama deer feed her baby?

Answer Female deer, known as does, give birth to a single fawn or twins in the spring. Fawns will feed up to several times an hour for the first few days and about once per hour after that. After 2 to 3 ... Read More »

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How many times a baby should feed a day?

If you are talking about a newborn breastfed baby, it should be fed every 3-4 hours, that means that the baby is fed 6-8 times a day. If you feed your baby with a some kind of formula than the per... Read More »

How many baby seals will I need to feed my wedding party of 250 guests?

well, a baby seal is roughly the size of a large turkey, so use that as a guideline.just don't forget the beer and cheese!!oh, and some vegetables, in case some sickos show up... ;-)

What to Feed a Baby Deer Abandoned by the Mother?

Dr. Christiaan Barnard made history in 1967 when he performed the first human-to-human heart transplant. The procedure involved replacing the damaged heart of the patient with the healthy heart of ... Read More »

What will happen if you feed a 4 month old baby baby food?

It's not recommended that you start feeding a baby baby food until they're 6 months old. This is because their stomach isn't ready to digest foods other than formula or breast milk.