How many times should you water a cactus?

Answer Depending on the size of the cactus, the pot it is in and the environment it is in, no more than once a week, and then a very small amount. For example - Several small, decorative cacti planted, i... Read More »

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How often should I water a cactus?

Cacti can go months without water. Let the soil dry out. Think of the desert climate, where the grow in nature. The desert is hot in the day, cool at night. It is dry and not humid. Many die-h... Read More »

How much water does 1 cactus need?

Big cactus:Big cactus need about 1 quart of water every month.Small cactus:small cactus need to be watered at least every 3-4 days.This info is only for 1 cactus.--- Nelli Vitalevna Glushko! See Anna?

Does a cactus need water?

Not much, it takes most of its moisture from the air. You can water it a small amount in winter, and as much as you want in the summer.