How many times should you have a chest xray?

Answer Whenever you need one...not just at random.

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Can you have a chest xray when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

Could an X-Ray at the dentist's office damage an unborn fetus?Tooth x-ray, also known as dental radiography, is using low energy radiation. If what you mean by tooth x-ray is orthopantomography (OP... Read More »

I am on nuva ring but on antibiotic that makes it less effective i had unprotected sex 3 times on ovulation day i have cramping frequent urination tenderness by armpit at chest nausea too early 3dpo?

Chest feels heavy, unbearable pain on the left side of chest, is this a heart attack Help please!!!?

CHEST PAIN SHOULD ALWAYS BE EVALUATED BY AN ER. It may be too much caffeine today or too much stress, or wicked heartburn, but chest pain can be very serious and the headache could mean your blood ... Read More »

How to Become an Xray Technician?

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