How many times should i let my husband elbow me before i report him?

Answer For every time he elbows you, knee him.

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My husband woke up this morning with red spots on his inner elbow ,it is really itchy and he says its about 50?

It could be fluoride rash mine seems to itch at night and in am spots their seems to be a lot of that going around as our bodies can not eliminate all the fluoride that we take in between bathing i... Read More »

What is reddish with brown spots in middle circle rash on baby's elbow inner elbow buttocks and leg?

What did your pediatrician/dermatologist say? If you baby has an undetermined rash you need to have it evaluated!

How many times can I check my credit report?

There are three credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Each of them allow individuals to obtain one free credit report annually. After that, you can order as many as you wou... Read More »

How many times can a debt collector look at my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that any creditor with whom you have an account has permission to access your credit report. A debt collector to whom you owe money can review your credit report ... Read More »